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“ By improving core functions and implementing new ideas, we will change the Democratic Party and create a culture of victory in Delaware County.”

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Carolyn Collins introduces her Husband, Keith Collins

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Tony Campisi introduces candidates at a pre-election rally at Cabrini College attended by former Vice President Al Gore and Governor Ed Rendell in November, 2006

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“ Tony Campisi, in whatever capacity he has served, has provided leadership, energy, imagination and a genuine interest in building the party.”              --Larry Press, Democratic Committee Member since 1994

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Candidate for Leader of the Delaware County Democratic Party.

The Delaware County Democratic Party comes to an important cross road in 2010. We will select a new party chair in June and in so doing will decide whether or not the party grows and matures into an organization capable and deserving of its coming role as the majority party of this county.

I am running for county chair and make no mistake about it - I believe this party's greatest days lie ahead. The foundation has been set and upon it I ask you to join me in building a robust, modern, enduring organization that is capable of winning the votes of the residents of this county.

Explore this site to learn more about my campaign for leader of the Delaware County Democratic Party.

Click on the photos above to learn more about my campaign, my leadership team, and the issues we find most important. Join the newsletter and be the first to hear about new developments. Connect with the campaign through Facebook or Twitter. Thank you for your interest and your support.


The party must implement a finance plan that does not rely exclusively on low dollar fund- raising events that have a limited ability to raise money. We must expand our fundraising dramat- ically in order to continue the growth of the party.


Communications and Volunteer Outreach

We must open up the party to all those who choose to be involved. We have come to rely too much on email and web-based commu- nications, to the exclusion of other methods. And while we must continue to reach out to new constituencies via online social media, we can no longer afford to communicate with activists SOLELY via online methods.


Candidate Recruitment and Support

We must have an ongoing effort to recruit strong candidates. We have grown too significantly to allow county and state offices to go uncontested.


Leadership and Grassroots Development

The Democratic Party must have a strong presence everywhere in Delaware County. We must put forth a serious effort to develop an activist base, committee people and effective local leadership in order to build a strong and sustainable Democratic Party.